April 29, 2013

Crystal Meth Compound Facts

  • Short-term effects of heroin use include clouded mental functioning, nausea, and suppression of pain. Some women have experienced spontaneous abortions.

  • Apart from addiction, some of the long-term effects of using heroin are infectious diseases, collapsed veins, bacterial infections, heart problems, and arthritis.

  • Even after months of not using heroin, former addicts can still experience cravings.

  • In 2008, Alaska ranked tenth in the U.S. in terms of concentration of homeless people.

  • One estimate puts Alaska‚Äôs homeless at 4,583.

  • A 2009 study found that the highest number of homeless in Alaska were in Anchorage.

  • The Mendenhall Wetlands area is a State Game Refuge. It extends for nine miles near Juneau, and the wildlife refuge covers 4,000 acres.

  • Around 20,000 people visit the Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge every year. Visitors can fish, hunt for waterfowl like duck, hike, boat, and view the wildlife.

  • Spring bird migrations peak during April and May in the Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge. The birds stop to feed. By June, most of the waterfowl and shorebirds have moved on to northern breeding grounds, and the number of birds on the refuge drops considerably.

  • The most visible waterfowl population in the Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge is the Vancouver Canada goose. The large brown and black goose with a white chin strap resides in both southeast Alaska and British Columbia.

  • The Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge has many mammals, including harbor seals, muskrats, river otters, Sitka black-tailed deer, black bears, mink, short-tailed weasels, and snowshoe hares.

  • Marine mammals in the Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge are harbor seals, northern sea lions, and humpback whales.

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