April 04, 2013

Deep Woods Standoff Facts

  • In Alaska, willow ptarmigan have the widest range of any upland game bird.

  • Unlike other North American grouse or ptarmigan, male willow ptarmigan usually help to care for their chicks. If the mother is killed, males will sometimes take over all family responsibilities.

  • Willow ptarmigan nest in willows, and willows are their most important source of food. They also eat berries in the fall and overwintered berries in the spring.

  • The Copper River Valley is in east Alaska. It’s about 20,649 square miles, with the Chugach National Forest to the south, the Alaska Range to the north, the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve to the east, and the Talkeetna and Chugach Mountains to the west.

  • The Copper River Valley offers visitors a chance to ski, canoe, fish, hunt, snow machine, backpack and horseback ride.

  • There are many benefits of canine police dogs, and one is that dogs have six times the psychological effect over regular uniformed officers.

  • Canine police dogs are more effective than humans when performing building searches. They are able to sniff out suspects in areas where humans can’t go.

  • Canine officers are trained using reward systems. That makes the connection to performing their jobs more fun than work.

  • German is the standard language for giving commands to trained police dogs.

  • Some canine police officers are used for tracking people and suspects. The dogs are able to measure ground disturbance from the last known point where the person was spotted.

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