March 07, 2013

Meet the Adults

Paul Ford

AGE: 30
SCOUTING EXPERIENCE: 11 years, Life Scout
HEIGHT: 5’7 WEIGHT: 195  (Right Handed)
STAKES:  Wants to honor his grandfather and prove he could’ve made Eagle Scout

Paul grew up in the Scouting community.  His father, grandfather, and two uncles were all Eagle Scouts.  Like the rest of his family, Paul and his brother were on their way to becoming Eagles Scouts when tragedy struck their family.  In 1995, following a Scouting event, Paul’s grandfather was severely injured in a car accident.  He died one year later.  The celebration was the last time his family was together for a Scouting event.  Paul and his father, quit the Scouts soon after, and his family became more distant.  Paul always thought his grandfather was the glue that held his family together, and that his death helped splinter his family.  He is here to prove that he could’ve made Eagle Scout, but most importantly to pay tribute to his grandfather, and hopefully bring his family a little closer together.

Marc Marquez

AGE: 37
HEIGHT: 5’11 WEIGHT: 200 (Right Handed)
STAKES:  Validation – to prove he could’ve been a great Boy Scout if he would’ve had the chance.

Marc Marquez wasn’t a Boy Scout because there was no BSA troop in his area.  So instead, he was a Royal Ranger.  The Rangers were a church group modeled after the Scouts.  They went on regular camping/hiking trips and earned merit badges.  Marc enjoyed his time with the Royal Rangers but always has wondered what it would’ve been like to be a Boy Scout.  Moreover, Marc regrets quitting the Rangers at an early age.  He feels he could have made a good leader had he not quit.  Also, he wants to prove to his daughter that he is Tougher Than A Boy Scout so he is “not a big fraud” when teaching her to appreciate the great outdoors.

Bill Saunders

AGE: 37                                             
HEIGHT: 6’1 WEIGHT: 220  (Right Handed)
STAKES:  Redemption

Bill has unfinished business with the Scouts.  He was a Cub when his love for baseball dragged him away from the Scouting life.  His parents were both heavily involved in the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and his brother and sister advanced much further than he did.  Bill’s father passed away, and he admits to being jealous of his siblings who were able to spend more time with his father than he did.  He feels that by quitting the Scouts at an early age he missed out on a lot of “father-son time.” He feels this is an opportunity to redeem himself. To prove that he could have made Eagle Scout, and to advance further than his brother and sister did. And hopefully, dad will be watching.

Rage Stewart

AGE: 42
SCOUTING EXPERIENCE: 2 years, Webelo, “a few badges”
HEIGHT: 6’0 WEIGHT: 187  (Right Handed)
STAKES: Personal Challenge – To prove that he could have been a great Boy Scout and still has what it takes to do any and every adventure that comes his way.

Rage is an admitted adrenaline junkie.  He jumps out of airplanes, scuba dives in underwater caves and with sharks; he surfs, hunts, shoots, and is the first one to go off-trail on a hike.  He claims he will drive the more orderly competitors off the edge!  Rage quit Scouts while still a Webelo, looking for more extreme adventures. Structure was not, and is not, his thing.  However, now with greater wisdom, Rage wonders what it would have been like had he had the dedication to stick with the Scouts.  He realizes what great adventures and benefits the Scouts provide and wants to challenge himself to prove he could’ve been a great Boy Scout and still has the extreme skills to win this competition.

James McLaury

AGE: 38
SCOUTING EXPERIENCE:  8 years, Life Scout, 20 badges earned
HEIGHT: 5’5 WEIGHT: 182 (Left Handed)
STAKES:  Unfinished Business – After finishing 1 merit badge short of Eagle Scout, James wants to prove he could’ve made Eagle and still has what it takes.

Often underestimated, James is short, formerly poor, and a redheaded stepchild with an Oklahoma accent.  But what bothers him most is that he didn’t make Eagle Scout.  While in high school, the Scouts became a luxury his family could not afford. He was forced to quit and pick up an after-school job.  He finished his scouting career as a Life Scout, one badge short of making Eagle Scout.  James went on to be a Marine for 5 years but failing to make Eagle Scout has always been a huge regret.  He is nagged by the memory that he was only one badge away from the elite group.  James feels like there is a fraternity that he missed out on, and he would love to feel validated within the Eagle community by winning this competition.  Moreover, he wants to show that at 38 he still has the skills to keep up with and defeat Boy Scouts in their teens.

David Bannick

AGE: 45                                    
SCOUTING EXPERIENCE: 3 years, Webelo, 10 badges earned
HEIGHT: 6’2 WEIGHT: 190  (Right Handed)
STAKES:After giving up Scouting for his love of soccer, David now realizes he missed out on something special and hopes to live that out this week; furthermore, he hopes to win this for his father, who taught him to appreciate the outdoors.

Raised in Colorado, this former professional soccer player and athletic trainer is so comfortable outdoors that he sleeps every night in his backyard tent.  When David was a kid, his parents divorced and he left Indiana for Colorado.  In doing so, he also left his Scout troop behind and it was never the same.  At age 9, the soccer bug bit him and it became his life goal to play professionally.  David regrets not being able to stay with the Scouts and achieve Eagle Scout status.  He admits to being jealous of his friends who did.  Now, the same competitive nature that propelled him to the highest levels of soccer is going to help him prove that he has what it takes to compete with the best Scouts in America!  In the process, he would love to bring home a victory for his father, who truly taught him to enjoy and thrive in the wilderness.

Jason Hadley

AGE: 36
SCOUTING EXPERIENCE: 6 years, 30 merit badges
HEIGHT: 5’9 WEIGHT: 275  (Right Handed)
STAKES:  Redemption – To prove he could have made Eagle Scout and that he is now a responsible adult who finishes what he starts.

Jason wasn’t exactly the perfect Scout.  He says his troop was more like the Bad News Bears, sometimes even cheating to get merit badges.  As a kid, he was raised primarily by a single mom and got in trouble with authority figures.  At age 16, when Jason’s mentor and Scout-leader left the troop, Jason took a cue from his stepfather and decided to quit the troop, too.  It wasn’t until Jason finished college that he realized he could accomplish anything.  He also recognized a pattern; that he would quit things he was passionate about.  Jason deeply regrets his decision to quit the Scouts and not become an Eagle Scouts.  He now has unfinished business with the Scouts.  No longer a quitter, Jason wants to prove he could’ve been an Eagle Scout, is “smarter than a Boy Scout,” and is “the baddest Boy Scout there ever was.” 

John Peterson

AGE: 37
SCOUTING EXPERIENCE:  30+ badges, Eagle Scout
HEIGHT: 6’0 WEIGHT: 215 (Right Handed)
STAKES:  To prove he still has what it takes and that his generation of Scouts can beat these younger Scouts any day of the week.

John joined Scouts in the first grade and has 30+ merit badges to his name.  He is the only boy from his troop to reach Eagle Scout.  A prankster and a kid at heart, John is also a control freak with a touch of OCD.  If a teammate is a rule-breaker or a slacker, John’s temper will flare and he will confront him.  John was Cub Master for his son’s den.  During that time, he realized that the “Scouts had gone soft.”  He wants to prove that he is Tougher Than A Boy Scout to show the world that he’s still as good or better than any Scout today and that the training Scouts get today is nowhere near the training they had back in his day.  He’d love to prove

Marc Aarons

AGE: 37                                             
SCOUTING EXPERIENCE: 25 yrs., Eagle Scout, Over 80 merit badges
HEIGHT: 5’9 WEIGHT: 300  (Right Handed)
STAKES:  To honor his old Scout Master, a father figure, who recently passed away.

Marc Aarons dares you to underestimate him.  At 300 lbs., the Scouts and his teammates will likely judge him as a weak link, but that would be a mistake.  Marc is an Eagle Scout with over 80 merit badges and three Silver Palms.  He has travelled the world in the name of Scouting and claims to know the Handbook back and forth and can do anything in it.  He is good at orienteering, mapping, aquatics, lifesaving, rowing, canoeing, building a shelter, sailing, and archery.  He was an archery instructor and feels that it is his strength.  Marc’s old Scout Master from childhood was a like a father to him.  He admired him greatly, but lost contact over the years.  Marc recently heard that his Scout Master had passed away.  By winning this competition, he wants to show his old Scout Master that he taught him well and make him proud.

Paul Mondello

AGE: 44
SCOUTING EXPERIENCE: 5 years, Life Scout
HEIGHT: 5’8 WEIGHT: 175  (Right Handed)
STAKES:  Redemption

Paul was a stellar Scout, who was on his way to earning his Eagle rank.  But then he met a pretty girl named Lisa, who said Scouting was for nerds, and he threw it all away in the name of love.  This loan originator and part-time sommelier from upstate New York admits to not having the best judgment as a kid.  Paul regrets not sticking with the Scouts.  In fact, while he was there, Paul looked up to his Scout Master as somewhat of a mentor and knows he disappointed this man by leaving.  Soon after Paul left, he heard that his Scout Master’s son was seriously injured in a hunting accident.  Paul regrets not being there for the man who played a large role in shaping his life.  He wants to take advantage of this 2nd chance at Scouting this week and prove he is Tougher Than A Boy Scout in order to redeem himself, and, to honor his old Scout Master.

Leo Torno

AGE: 40
SCOUTING EXPERIENCE:  7 years, First Class Rank
HEIGHT: 5’11 WEIGHT: 218  (Left Handed)
STAKES:  Prove he has what it takes to be an Eagle Scout

People don’t always like Lee cause he can admittedly be overconfident.  Like he says, “you either love me or you hate me.”  Lee had to drop out of the Scouts because of bad grades.  Now, this brash, ex-Boy Scout and Marine wants to show his sons he has the skills to be the Eagle Scout he never was. Having only earned 8 merit badges, this father of two is endlessly ridiculed by his sons who have already surpassed their dad in Scouting.  As a Cub Master for his younger son’s troop, and an assistant with his older son’s troop, he is already sick and tired of living in the shadow of his boys’ accomplishments.  Lee is back to prove he has what it takes!

David Cannon

AGE: 29                                             
SCOUTING EXPERIENCE: 12 years, Life Scout
HEIGHT: 5’6 WEIGHT: 155  (Right Handed)
STAKES:  Validation

David Cannon is indeed the odd man out.  This academic advisor at the University of North Texas started his Scouting career with his four best friends but is the only one who did not make Eagle. When his family moved from Dallas to San Antonio, David was only 3 badges short of becoming an Eagle Scout.  He tried to travel back to Dallas when he could to earn his badges, but his 18th birthday arrived before he could finish. David wants to prove to himself and his friends that all that kept him from earning Eagle was a long drive. 
He says that not making Eagle is his biggest regret in life.  Oh, and, he believes zombies are everywhere, and the zombie apocalypse is imminent.  But he’s not worried, because he is Tougher Than A Boy Scout, and more prepared than most.

Stev Lawrence

AGE: 45
HEIGHT: 5’11 WEIGHT: 180  (Right Handed)
STAKES:  Redemption

Stev Lawrence has a bit of a grudge against the Scouts. As a seven-year-old kid he was overjoyed to be a Cub Scout, until he got kicked out for horsing around at a Halloween party. He wishes somebody would’ve given him a second chance or at least the life lesson of why what he did was so dangerous. Instead, he feels shunned, and robbed of the experience of being a Scout.  Over 30 years later, Stev wants to show the Scouts what they missed.  While this real estate developer and building contractor admits he’s not so good with a bow and arrow, he is pretty good at anything involving a snowboard or a skateboard.

Howard Schwartz

AGE: 43
SCOUTING EXPERIENCE: 6 years adult leadership
HEIGHT: 6’2 WEIGHT: 200  (Left Handed)
STAKES:  Prove he has what it takes to be a scout

As a boy, Howard Schwartz’s mom wouldn’t let him be a scout. Today, he wants to prove her—and the world—wrong.  An avid outdoorsman, Howard can gut a fish, climb a rock face, and start a fire in just under 30 seconds.  This accessories entrepreneur is convinced he was born to be a Scout and lives vicariously through his young son.  A few years ago, his wife suggested that he volunteer with his son’s Scout troop, and that’s when the Scouting bug bit hard. Howard hasn’t been the same since. Over the past 6 years, he has been a den leader, Assistant Cub Master and Cub Master.  And he’s now an Assistant Scout Master.

Gregg Smith

AGE: 42                                             
HEIGHT: 6’5 WEIGHT: 210  (Right Handed)
STAKES:  Get the true scout experience and prove he’s worthy

As a kid, Gregg was a Scout for 2 weeks when his troop folded after an outbreak of chicken pox.  The troop restarted, but he never rejoined.  He watched his brother become a Scout and his father become a Scout leader.  Gregg feels slighted and wants to prove that at 42 he has what it takes.  He pines for the day when he had   the chance to prove himself worthy of being a Scout.  Today, Gregg has two kids and is married to high school sweetheart.  He is into “everything extreme.”  Gregg has no fears in the wilderness and claims to have an uncanny ability to keep him, and others, out of trouble. Gregg’s plan is to fulfill his dream of showing the world he is worthy of being a Scout…. and showing those “snot nosed kids” who is the boss.

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