March 07, 2013

Meet the Boy Scouts

Will Fleming "Big South"

At 6ʼ6 and 230 pounds with a size 15 shoe, this 17 year old doesnʼt allow anyone or anything to stand in his way.  Will has always been an avid hunter, which has led to his love of competitive skeet shooting. He is looking forward to trying out for the USA Shooting Team. With a 94% average accuracy, he's sure to be a shoe-in. This Eagle Scout with three Palms has always taken on leadership roles and progressed quickly through the ranks of Boy Scouts. Will was the Assistant Senior Patrol leader at the National Scout Jamboree for troop 1720 and for his home Troop 388 acted as the Senior Patrol Leader.

Bobby Lefevre "Lash"

Bobby describes himself as “The Boss” because scouting has made him a responsible young man who has risen to the rank of Senior Scout Leader of troop 1134 – one of the best troops in Southern California.  His expertise is shooting the musket.  With 26 patches earned, Bobby loves mountain climbing, sailing, auto mechanics, and survival skills, like knowing all the wild plants that are poisonous.

Kevin Graves "Bug Bite"

At 17 from Baldwin Hills, CA, Kevin has 34 patches and is looking to prove himself against the adults.

Brennan Corbin "Hawk"

Specializes in throwing tomahawks… Brennan, 17, rose to Eagle Scout at the young age of 14 and even earned the “Coaches Award” last year.

Garrett Rios "Sharkfin"

16 with 26 badges, Garrett is most proud of his First Aid Merit Badge, which has given him the confidence to step in and provide medical assistance to those in need. Garrett also loves hiking, camping, building shelters, and finding food in the wild.  He says scouting is “everything – it defines who I am”.

Rio Gifford "Wolf"

Rio is 17, having earned 29 merit badges, and a bronze palm. His proudest achievement to date was being elected senior Scout leader.  Rio loves the survivalist aspect of Scouting. He loved earning his Wilderness badge so much that he earned it TWICE!  He can build a fire anywhere, at any time, under any conditions.

Rob Nelson "Robin Hood"

An ace with a bow and arrow, Rob is the first active and third ever Boy Scout in the United States to earn 132 or more Merit Badges.  He is also the first Boy Scout in the U.S. to earn the newly released Welding Merit Badge.

Keegan Rice "Yeti"

Keegan's motto for life is "no excuses." At 16 years old and 6'0", he has no problem competing against older men. As a semi-pro snowboarder, he's gotten used to beating them! As an Eagle Scout with Silver Palms and 49 merit badges, he's has run his 100+ member troop and been the leader in his troop's high adventure division. Keegan has led sailing trips to the Caribbean, climbed Mount Washington, rafted in Alaska and Maine, and rappelled down a 17-story building.

Michael Henderson "Hitch"

At first glance Michael might seem like the nice boy next door, but nice is only skin deep with this 17-year-old Eagle Scout.  At 5’10” and 195 lbs, he has a relentlessly competitive nature. Michael’s greatest passion, next to Scouting, is competitive wrestling. He has been on his high school wrestling team since he was a freshman, and was team captain as a senior, due to his leadership skills and his intense will to succeed. He is an expert at pioneering and lashing.

Diallo Whitaker "Torpedo"

Considered a crafty prankster, 17-year-old Diallo does have a nice side to him. Scouting has changed this urban kid who used to be afraid of nature, animals, and the dark. Today he’s an avid outdoorsman with a deep love for nature. Don’t mess with Diallo!

Denicio Gonzalez-Drake "Toro"

This 5’10”, 195 lb linebacker will crush you and any competitor that gets in his way! Only a sophomore, he’s already a starter on his high school’s varsity football team. He may seem like a jock on the outside, but he is a true Life Scout on the inside. With 11 years scouting experience and 27 badges earned, he is more than ready to build fires, pitch tents, shoot some firearms, and use his skilled mind against the adults!

Trent “Benz” Buenzli

This 16-year-old, 6'1", 215 pound Eagle Scout is an all-star player and leader on his high school football team. Academically Trent is at the top of his class sporting a 4.22 GPA. Trent is also known as a gifted marksman with a rifle as he has qualified for the dime club four separate times. Trent doesn’t believe in stereotypes and hopes to prove that Scouts are as tough as or tougher than anybody who doubts them.

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