September 25, 2012

Facts: House Fire to Fortune

Fun Facts Related to This Episode

  • Gold has been used in dentistry for thousands of years, initially for the health and care of teeth but more recently for cosmetic aesthetics.

  • Taxidermy is a three-dimensional way of preserving an animal for display by filling it with stuffing and mounting it.  In some cases, taxidermy is reproduced with all man-made materials.

  • The word itself, ‘taxidermy,’ has Greek origins, loosely translating to ‘the movement of skin’.

  • Merrill Piano Company was established in 1885 out of Boston, Massachusetts, but the brand was discontinued shortly before the Great Depression.

  • Around 1925, Merrill Piano Company became a part of the National Piano Manufacturing Company.

  • The 1909 Indian Head $5 Gold Coin was designed, unlike other coins, with features that were “incused,” or recessed, rather than raised.

  • The Miss America Bicycle was launched by Huffy in the late 1960s. It was a limited model bike for young girls that also had a counterpart bicycle, the Mr. America Bicycle.

  • In 2010, fire departments responded to an estimated 370,000 house fires in the United States.

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