April 03, 2013

Escape From Indian River Facts

  • Indian River County’s 2012 population was about 140,000.

  • In 2011, the total number of inmates booked into the Indian River County Jail was 5,296.

  • In 2011, the jail processed an average of 28.3 inmates a day—some were heading into the jail, others were leaving.

  • After the escape, the jail enhanced security in a number of ways, including installing a new digital camera system with higher resolution, increasing the number cameras both in and outside the jail.

  • Taylor and Reed dyed their white shorts using pen ink to try to make them look like running shorts. They hoped the darker shorts would make them less conspicuous on the outside.

  • Since the escape happened, jail administrators started requiring random inmate count — in addition to regular counts during all 3 shifts every day.

  • Detective Milo Thornton, who tracked the escapees, won ‘law enforcement officer of the year award’ at the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Sebastian, one of the Indian River County towns that Reed travelled through, has an annual Clambake festival.

  • Indian River County is 70 miles south of the Kennedy Space Center.

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