April 03, 2013

The Connecticut Conspiracy Facts

  • The Osborn Correctional Institution used to be a maximum secruity prison called the Connecticut Correctional Institution-Sombers. It opened in 1963.

  • In the summer of 1994, the facility was turned into medium security institution and renamed the Osborn Correctional Institution.

  • In 1995, Connecticut's death row inmates were moved to the Northern Correctional Institution from the Osborn Correctional Institution.

  • In 2012, Connecticut becomes the 17th state in the United States to abolish the death penalty.

  • More than 200 inmates at Osborn participate in a work program where they manufacture inmate clothing, mattresses and run a full-service print shop.

  • Close to 2,000 prisoners are currently incarcerated at Osborn.

  • Connecticut used lethal injection for the first time when it executed a prisoner on May 13, 2005. It was the state‚Äôs first execution since 1960.

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