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Abandoned: Call For Entries

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The Abandoned Building: The Peck Family dairy barns hold a secret. Built in the 1850s, the barns are already historic structures, but their interior isfull of a mass of vintage car parts -- and even entire vehicles going back the early 20th-century. These pieces are the heritage of an early car dealership that purchased the barns in the 1930s and filled them with decades worth of auto pieces and memorabilia. With the barns facing demolition and the land sold, this museum of automotive history faced destruction until it was saved at the last minute.

Abandoned Peck Family dairy barns (View larger version)


If you know of any great abandoned locations for Jay and the guys to explore, email Send us your info and as much information on the abandoned building that you know, including the age and date of abandonment, original items still in the building, square footage, building type (factory, church, theater, etc.), current plans for the building (sale, demolition, development,etc.), and the basic history of the structure.