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Hostage Standoff Facts

Trooper Hess has the suspect in his sights in case things are out of hand.

Trooper Hess has the suspect in his sights in case things are out of hand. (View larger version)

Photograph by PSG Films/ Josh Sanz

  • According to the Mount Marathon Race website, the oldest finisher of the race was 82 years old.

  • The Mount Marathon Race is a foot race up and down Mt. Marathon in Seward, Alaska. The course is renowned for its scenery and waterfalls as well as its difficult inclines and loose rock.

  • It’s estimated that over 1 in 3 women have experienced domestic violence.

  • Domestic violence impacts children as well as adults. Children who have witnessed violence are more likely to attempt suicide and to have substance abuse problems.

  • To become sober after being intoxicated, the body’s liver needs time to process alcohol. While food helps slow down the body’s absorption of alcohol, it doesn’t cause a person to sober up.

  • Hunters sometimes use a 45-70 Magnum gun to shoot Kodiak bears. A unique subspecies of the brown or grizzly bear, Kodiak bears are the largest bears in the world.

  • The Mount Marathon Race course takes runners about a mile and a half up the mountain and then back down.

  • People who have guns in their homes are overall at a greater risk of dying from a homicide in the residence.

  • An estimated 50 percent of people respond to aggressive drivers with road rage, often cutting off the offending driver and making obscene gestures.

  • The annual Mount Marathon Race is only one event in Seward’s Fourth of July celebration. Thousands of visitors come to enjoy the fireworks, parades, food vendors and contests.

  • Around one-third of traffic crashes—and about two-thirds of the resulting deaths—are the result of overly aggressive driving. Speeding and improper passing are just two examples of aggressive driving.

  • Heroin is derived from morphine, a naturally-occurring opiate obtained from the seedpod of certain varieties of poppy plants.

  • In the U.S., the average first-time user of heroin is about 21 years old. While meth and cocaine use have declined, the use of heroin and opiate pain killers is on the rise.