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In the Line of Duty Facts

In the Line of Duty

In the Line of Duty (View larger version)

  • The female Dungeness crab can lay around 2.5 million eggs. The larger the female, the greater the amount of eggs.

  • Dungeness crabs will cannibalize each other.

  • Dungeness crab pots are often baited with herring, squid, or clams.

  • Female Dungeness crab in Alaska produce eggs every other year.

  • Dungeness crabs prey on multiple species, including small clams, fish, shrimp, and worms.

  • Dungeness crab are distributed from the Aleutian Islands to Magdalena Bay, Mexico.

  • Seventeen police K9’s died in the line of duty in 2013.

  • 2012 saw just 8 deaths as the result of extreme cold. Seven of those victims were men.

  • 105 public safety officers died in the line of duty in 2013.

  • Frostbite can occur when skin is exposed to very cold temperatures. Hands, feet, ears and nose are areas that are most likely to become frostbitten.

  • Temperatures in Fairbanks can fall to 50 below zero.

  • Hypothermia is caused by dangerously low body temperatures. The normal temperature for a human is about 98.6F; hypothermia occurs as a human’s body temperature drops below 95F.