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Clown Town Facts


Jesse "The Machine" Green carves a sculpture using his chainsaw. (View larger version)

Photograph by National Geographic Television

  • The Big Apple Circus tent is made in Italy and is 63 feet tall.

  • The Big Apple Circus tent has a special 'hat' that can be raised to allow heat to escape during hot days.

  • The masts that hold up the Big Apple circus tent each weigh up to 2,600 pounds!

  • It takes 35 people 8 hours to set the tent up, and this doesn't include installing the essential features such as seating and the ring!

  • The Big Apple circus co-founders got their start juggling on street corners in England.

  • The Big Apple Circus has appeared in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade several times.

  • Grandma was inducted into the Clown Hall of Fame.

  • Grandma the Clown surfs in her spare time...

  • The Big Apple Circus is one ring, like many European Circuses.

  • Chainsaw carving competitions occur worldwide at events such as the World Lumberjack Competition in Wisconsin, USA and the International Forestry Exhibition in Staffordshire, England.

  • In January 2007 a chainsaw sculpture project began in Biloxi, Mississippi, which transformed trees killed by Hurricane Katrina into works of art.

  • The Big Apple Circus' first performance was in New York City in 1977.

  • Chainsaw sculpture carving has become a competitive art, with many artists entering carving contests. According to estimates, there are around 8,000 chainsaw carvers in the USA.

  • Chainsaws often have dangerous 'kickback' when a chain tooth catches on the wood without cutting it.