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Getting Squirrelly Facts

The hard maple makes carving difficult and exhausts Jesse.

The hard maple makes carving difficult and exhausts Jesse. (View larger version)

Photograph by National Geographic Television

  • There are over 200 species of squirrels.

  • The smallest squirrel is only around 5 inches from nose to tail, while the biggest is nearly 3 feet.

  • Squirrels gnaw on wood to wear down their front teeth, which never stop growing.

  • While some squirrels live in trees others live underground.

  • Some squirrels will warn each other of danger by whistling.

  • Squirrels will eat everything from nuts to bark and even baby birds.

  • Flying squirrels can glide over 150 feet.

  • Cannibalism has been observed in some squirrel species!

  • Eastern Grey squirrels are native to North America.

  • Some species of squirrel, including the Eastern gray squirrel, are adept swimmers.

  • Tree squirrels build and rest in nests called dreys.

  • The grey squirrel is a globetrotter and has been introduced to South Africa, Ireland and England.

  • In some regions Grey squirrels are considered a pest for displacing Red Squirrels.

  • Squirrels can be bought for consumption in the United Kingdom.

  • Squirrels are born "naked" with no fur.