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Videos for Expect the Unexpected

Lisa Broadbent
Lisa Broadbent

Hi Guy's, 

I watched two of your shows for the first time last night I liked them as much as I thought they were 'lame'.

I have been researching and testing some theories for prepping extensively for that 'un-known' moment for over a year now. 

Prior to that I grew up out in the woods, on a lake, down a 1/3 mile dirt road in Massachusetts. I am a Type 'A', Common Sense person. I have no fear, (except, healthy fear) I can catch, gut, skin, filet and cook anything that swims, fly's and most likely walks... I like a handgun, knives for various tasks and a Crossbow... I don't own either yet although I have used them and I know where to get them if the time came before I'm ready, I figure that I have about eight months before I need to be 'Ready.' (I am handicapped now and have limited reserves at the moment... that won't stop me though).

I could go on for about two to three hours... there are so many things that many have not thought of and so many variables, as well as the fact that if we were in 'Survival' mode/situation  we would be moving Camp quite often unless we had a place that no one lived to tell about. 

That being said... I found your 'Show' to be 'weak,' nice guys get killed. I figure... you taught the people in the shows that I saw how to survive a whole 10 minutes to one hour longer than before they met you! The Faraday Box was awesome I must say! I just hope we don't have a bunch of numb nuts filling it with their TV, Laptop, Cellphones, Microwaves, and other crap!

I was actually surprised to see that you were making new shows... that you weren't cut. 

i am a realist... if you don't get serious about the content and clients that you do the show on... I'll just say goodbye right now. You guy's are awesome! What's up?? You need a new director or something... maybe... me...