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Freedom Fighter Escape

Approaching the challenge of getting out of prison with audacity and ingenuity, Tim is seen here with a key. He and the other escapees made and tested keys fashioned in wood work classes right under the noses of their captors and smuggling these parts around the prison. Over months of trial and error, they unlocked their cells and then tested their keys on each of the ten doors that led to freedom, coming up with clever schemes to avoid patrolling guards.

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It's 1976, the South African government is imprisoning radicals who are fighting against the country's racist policies. Tim Jenkin, an accused terrorist, explodes a leaflet bomb to spread a message of freedom. Jenkin and his friend are caught and put in Pretoria Prison. Jenkin's former job as a locksmith and his position in the prison wood shop are the lucky breaks that save them, as Jenkin works to discretely make a key to open his cell. Ten more doors stand between them and freedom.