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The Real MacGyver

The cell window is the only avenue of freedom for Laird if he plans to escape. How to figure out how to cut through the window was standing between Laird and the outside world. Being known as Macgyver for being able to fix anything inside the prison, Laird discovers that he can use plastic dental floss to cut through the silicone frame.

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For a dead man walking, escape seems impossible, but life inside prison is the only thing that's worse. Harold Laird had been at Stiles Unit in Texas for 10 years for the murder of two people. Refusing to join a racist prison gang left him with a bull's-eye on his back. But Laird's innate ability to tinker was his saving grace, as he used anything from cloth to dental floss to plan his great escape. After working his way through a locked door and two fences, see how Laird fights to escape.