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UFO Court: Varginha, Brazil

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Did alien creatures actually crash in Brazil?


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Chasing UFOs: UFO Court: Varginha, Brazil


Did alien creatures actually crash in Brazil?


Mauro Silva
Mauro Silva

This case deserves more coverage of all international media. I remember the national coverage that time, I was about 17 years old, all the case was treated as joke for some most popular programs, but was investigated in more details for other more serious programmes. Something really happened in Varginha, and in other cities around it, that time. Even radars detected something strange that time, and there were foreign secret movements in Minas Gerais that time. 

Daniel Rolan
Daniel Rolan

In order to understand the source/implications of UFOs, it is critical to understand the Alien Agenda. Read the Allies of Humanity Briefings. These briefings contain the most clear and direct account of this agenda at work in our world.