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Billy the Kid Facts

Billy the Kid Facts

Billy the Kid Facts (View larger version)


  • Billy the Kid fled from Arizona to New Mexico in 1877 to escape murder charges and start a new life as a farmhand.

  • The Kid's arch nemesis, Jimmy Dolan, was part of a gang called The House. The Kid joined a posse called the Regulators that started a war with The House.

  • Jimmy Dolan was a heavy drinker. His drinking killed him at the age of 49.

  • The Regulators got their name because they wanted to "regulate justice."

  • While legend says Billy the Kid killed a man for every year of his life, he in fact only killed four people.

  • Billy the Kid was known to have a lovely singing voice, and he loved to dance.

  • Hiring a prostitute's services usually ranged from 25 cents to a dollar, depending on the woman.