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How the Feud Began

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The guys look for artifact evidence of the infamous family feud.


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Diggers: How the Feud Began


The guys look for artifact evidence of the infamous family feud.


Betty Dotson-Lewis
Betty Dotson-Lewis

I wanted to add that I have written a short story/blog about the Hatfields & McCoy Feud with lots of pictures.
This is all pretty easy when you were born in this region and find out some of these family members are your relatives.  
Betty Dotson-Lewis, WV Writer

Carl Whalen
Carl Whalen

I love your show...people lighten up about these guys dont you have any passion for things that brings out the kid in you? If not feel sorry for you people. Anyhow...George & Tim, when I was in 5th grade or so around 72 or so I took a Morgan silver dollar(if I remember correctly it was around 1886 or earlier) to school, well getting off the bus at home I was flipping it in thhe air and lost it. But I know where it is general vicinity wise.Where I grew up was a county park(house went with my dads job) so I wont need the owners permission as its open to the public. Also The house I grew up in used to be a stage coach stop and boarding house it was built in the 1830's. When putting in a pool as a kid we found lots of stuff in the ground, so I'm thinking it would be a great place to look for "nectar" down the road was a Union calvary outpost.  So I have some great area to search just need to get a detector. Ive wanted a metal detector dating back to about that time as a newbie what would you suggest I get for a metal detector? I'm fixing to spend between $300-$500. Thank you for any advice you can give me of where to start. If you dont want to suggest any certain brand of detector atleast let me know what to look for in a good beginner to novice detector. When I get one Ill let ya know what I find. Thanks Carl W. Heres my email if you dont want to answer on here Please put DETECTOR in subjectline.