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Meet the Preppers: The Bobbins

It wasn't long ago Amanda had never heard of prepping or doomsday, until she received what she describes as a psychic message to leave Florida and live somewhere 3,000 feet above sea level. They purchased a home in NC and later discovered it came with two 5,000 gallon water tanks, solar panels, and even a ham radio tower--they call it Paragon Jewel, their

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"We're preparing for a comet to strike earth."

One year ago, Amanda Bobbin heard a voice warning her that a devastating comet was making its way towards earth. The voice, named Greta, encouraged Amanda to leave Florida and seek refuge somewhere where she and her family would be safe. Amanda and her husband Scott came upon an idyllic home in North Carolina and when they learned that the former owner’s name was Greta, they knew it was where they were supposed to be. They later discovered that the house, named Paragon Jewel, was full of hidden preps, including stockpiles of toilet paper, gas masks, and clothing. They are convinced that Greta has chosen them to continue her mission, so they have begun actively preparing for doomsday by stocking up on supplies. They also plan to open their doors to anyone who might seek refuge after the comet hits. In this episode we sit with Amanda as she channels Greta through automatic writing. We are also with the couple as they reveal their new prepping lifestyle to their children, who must decide whether they want to be a part of it.

Chris Cooper
Chris Cooper

my name is josh cooper, I have 2 children, a 12 yr old son and a 4 yr old daughter. I am very interested in finding some preppers located in the smoky mountains. I am looking for people that can offer my children and I a safe and secure location in the mountain in exchange for my help and vast knowledge. I am from south georgia wher I was born, raised and work. I can do just about anything. I have many years of experince in carpentry, electrical, welding/fabrication, equipment operation of any type, hunting/survival skills, cooking, gardening, livestock tending as well as a very strong will to survive. I know i need to find a place in the mountains. If someone will help us find preppers,I will pull more than my share of the load.


               josh cooper