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Meet the Preppers: Johnny O.

Johnny looks into the camera as he loads his rifle.

Johnny looks into the camera as he loads his rifle. (View larger version)

Photograph by National Geographic Channel


"I'm prepping for nuclear fallout."

“Johnny O” moved his family from the city to a rural prepper fortress in Pennsylvania. He fears that radioactive fallout from the Indian Point power plant in New York State will result in the end of the world as we know it. Johnny always follows the rule of redundancy and believes that it is the key to surviving. He has a backup plan to every backup plan. He has three different escape vehicles and even a backup for his wife—her twin sister, who lives with the family in their remote house hidden on a high hill in the woods. Johnny takes us through his preps, which include teaching his four-year-old daughter how to shoot a rifle and raising chickens on their two-acre property. Fearing intruders, he takes us step-by-step through his plan to don full camouflage and escape to a rowboat, paddling his family to safety.