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Meet the Preppers: Lindsey and Ray

Ray and Lindsey pick vegetables from their organic garden.

Ray and Lindsey pick vegetables from their organic garden. (View larger version)


"We're preparing for the collapse of the world agricultural system."

Lindsey and Ray are prepping for a collapse of the world agricultural system, which they fear will also lead to social chaos. They have planted hundreds of edible plants in their garden in order to live a self-sustainable lifestyle. They have transformed their backyard into an oasis of over 300 types of edible plants. In order to promote organic gardening to the community, they host a weekly radio talk show. In this episode, Ray shows us the 1965 ambulance he has purchased as a bug-out vehicle that will drive him and his wife to a secret location in the mountains. While they are currently part of a small prepping group, they are always looking to add new members and in this episode we join them on a recruiting mission. Ray interviews two potential members, both with military experience, to see if they would be valuable additions to the group. After the interview, Ray puts them through a grueling test drill to determine whether they have the physical skills necessary to defend themselves in the event that rioters and looters come looking for them.

Ray is a former active marine turned prepper living with his wife Lindsey and their two-year old daughter in the suburbs of Idaho. He also runs an organic lawn fertilizing business with his wife. Unlike many preppers, the family has a very strict diet. All of their supplies are prepared to fit their vegan lifestyle. Ray has a “survival crew” of close like-minded preppers and they are frequently preparing their bug out compound for a financial collapse. The bug out location is about 50 miles up a windy road in an off-the-grid location. Ray is a former pilot and in a worst-case scenario he is prepared to fly his family to their compound.

Wendy R
Wendy R

I LOVED this couple. They are intelligent and have great ideas. I love this show but why do you have people that seem crazy on it? Prepping is NOT a crazy idea. It's now a "cool" word but this is how we should live period. My grandparents and parents had a garden and canned food which we ate all year long. My generation has lost this skill (I'm relearning it) and people think we have lost our minds to do these things-it's just smart living. Being ready for emergencies is SMART. Please have more people like Ray and Lindsey on your show!

Edith Rodriguez
Edith Rodriguez

I believe what you are doing to spread the word on how to help oneself on prepping is a certain degree, my oldest brother is doing the same with me...and has been trying to pass the word on down to the rest of my brothers (but why do it when big bro & sis are taking care of things...hello)...I in turn pass the word/message out to my co-workers & family members & some are willing to learn what they would need to do to take care of business...I studied to be an environmental marine biologist (not a tree hugger), but work as a pharmacy tech (& studying to become a paramedic/nurse as well) never know =)