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Meet the Preppers: Snake Blocker

Snake Blocker is a trained knife fighter.

Snake Blocker (View larger version)

Photograph by National Geographic Channels


"I'm preparing for economic collapse and the violent social unrest that will follow."

Snake Blocker is an Apache Native American Prepper living in Denver, Colorado with his newlywed wife. His Apache heritage has taught him the importance of listening to his intuition. His latest dream has convinced him to prepare for an economic collapse that he believes will lead to social chaos. He is a trained knife fighter, martial artist and distinguished military man. To prepare, he is practicing his knife throwing skills and teaching his new wife how to live off the land. Snake believes that the upcoming economic collapse will result in food and water shortages causing chaos and riots. He plans to utilize the wisdom of his people to prep. For 17 years, Snake has been working with the Native American tribes across the country, teaching and learning the ways of their ancestors, which are already natural preppers. He plans to use his skills and bug out with his wife to the woods during the upcoming economic collapse.

Snake believes that in order to survive his doomsday scenario, he needs to build a community of people with strong self-defense skills. In his episode, we join him as he leads a knife-throwing class for fellow Native Americans of all ages. He also takes us through his plans to get out of dodge. With a motorcycle as his bug-out vehicle, he will camp out in the wilderness and live off the land. We spend a day with him and his wife Melissa as they hunt for unconventional sustenance. Snake even coaxes Melissa into tasting an ant, while he expands his palate with wasp larva and rabbit eyeballs.

Craig Bell
Craig Bell

Snake doesn't appear to know how to shoot his bow, although he has "trained" for 17 years learning the ways of his ancestors. He is a right handed archer, but he hold his arrow on the right side of the bow even though he cants his bow to the right. Cant is the direction in which the upper limb of the bow is tilted when drawing the arrow and shooting. When Snake cants his bow to the right, the arrow would fall off the bow without him holding it in place. This also causes his accuracy be nonexistent. Was this staged for the show due to his heritage?