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Meet the Preppers: Tom Perez

Dr. Tom Perez poses for the camera, his sons, Thomas and Matthew's fresh kill is skinned in the background.

Dr. Tom Perez poses for the camera, his sons, Thomas and Matthew's fresh kill is skinned in the background. (View larger version)

Photograph by National Geographic Channel


"I'm prepping for a dirty bomb terrorist attack."

Native Texan Dr. Tom Perez is prepping for terrorist attacks in the form of a dirty bomb. He lives in the heart of Houston, Texas with his wife and three children. His family plans to bug out to a 700-acre compound located 300 miles from their house. It is stocked with an ample supply of food preps and weapons. They will go to any lengths to survive a Doomsday scenario, even if it means butchering a goat right in front of their children’s eyes.

Special Note From Field Producer Justine Simonson:

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, but after spending some time with Tom Perez, I will venture to say that Tom Perez might even be bigger than Texas. When you’re with Tom, you know who’s boss. What he says goes and when he says stop even the clock hands waver. Like Teddy Roosevelt, Tom speaks softly but carries a big stick and will eagerly share the history of each of his many hunting trophies.

As a field producer, my job is not only to plan and coordinate shoots, but also to keep our preppers’ morale high and their enthusiasm up during the long days we put in filming each story for Doomsday Preppers. In Tom, I found an indefatigable counterpart. At every turn, Tom was at the ready with a bigger, badder, more Texan idea than anything I could have possibly dreamed up. The man promised to deliver and boy did he ever.

Back in New York, at Doomsday Preppers HQ, we planned for the preps we would film with Tom. But I had no way of knowing how exciting this shoot would actually be. At every turn, Tom and his friends delivered jaw-dropping, action-packed scenes. From Homeland Security and Border Patrol agents testing Tom’s family’s defenses against intruders, to Tom showing us the “natural” way to bait a goat trap, to Tom’s seventeen-year-old daughter Kat’s peerless knife skills, every moment of this shoot felt like a privilege if not slightly surreal. With each take adrenaline pumped, hearts raced and, on more than one occasion, tears flowed.

George Stump
George Stump

This doc is the real deal has more shit than most and heard he is well rounded when challenged in martial arts and special forces.  He is modest and gives back to the community and only because he had a mishap every envious person ready to critic him. Most preppers bug out to no where and in this one hour show gives a better insight on how to have a little bit of everything. Most people like to point their finger that they sit on due to spending more constructive time in prepping and being better christians.  It appears this prepper got under the skin of la pata zapata antonio who probably is an illegal and typing on his stolen computer.  Wake up America this is TV show.

Zapata Antonio
Zapata Antonio

I agree with Karla, Tom reminds me of the pudgy little kid in gym class crying during dodge ball, crying 1/4 of the way through the 1 mile run, crying cause he can't get 1 foot up the climbing rope, and now that he's an adult he's bought some guns and use's those to make up for his short comings all through his teen years. He starts his episode with him pointing his rifle at his friend 10 yards away, ordering him on the ground, then has the audacity to lecture on how his friend didn't grow up with guns and is not very safety conscience? Narrator says they are there to shoot explosives from inside their blind. Then show the crying doughboy shooting an explosvie from inside the blind. Then you see him inside the blind with him pointing his gun outside, and his partner next to him doing the same, it seems to me his partner did everything right, even going so far as a very long pause after saying he was firing giving Tom more than enough time to prepare for it, as tom had time to put his hand onto his the left side of his ear protection. Then you can tell for some reason, the producers love tom because they do that bs with the camera falling, like something went wrong, then say the guy shooting made a mistake. After being a firearms instructor for 15 years I did not see the "mistake". The only explanation I can come up with is Toms ear protection is designed to be worn with it fitted over his head, not sideways with it set up behind his neck, and I think that was enough to not allow an airtight seal w/his ears, so he chose not to mess up his hat for possibly messing up his hearing. Then after crying for what seemed like hours, he starts laying the blame for his actions at his friends feet, still sniffling. I wanted to jump through thru the tv at this guy, when he cried about his partner shooting from inside a blind as him f***ing up. NEWSFLASH tom, thats what blinds are designed for. People like tom is the reason this country is falling apart, people like him will never man up and admit when they make a mistake, in their mind they are perfect, so if something goes wrong, it will always be someone elses fault. I hate to say this, but if that is an example of his toughness, he's gonna be one of the first killed should s*** hit the fan, as equipment can only go so far.

His ex-partner is way off better without thr tx version of the stay puff marshmallow baby..

Karla Autrey
Karla Autrey

I don't think we were watching the same show..Tom cried when the gun was shot and then kicked his friend out of his "plan" and THEN made up in a very weird way.   Tom made guys in Texas look very very bad.  He is a control freak and his wife needs to know where the poisoned food is, I mean really, he doesn't trust his wife??