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Meet the Season Two Preppers

Big Al is protected from gamma ray radiation with his new bunker annex.

Big Al

Songwriter by day, prepper by night. See how he's preparing for nuclear war.

Braxton Southwick is

Braxton Southwick

See how this big family is getting ready for a smallpox outbreak.

Jason Beacham is purifying his pool water.

Jason Beacham

This 15-year-old is prepping for civil unrest due to economic collapse.

Johnny looks into the camera as he loads his rifle.

Johnny O.

See How He's Preparing for a Nuclear Terrorist Attack

Wilma and Gary Bryant, Anthony, and Heather all help out in the garden.

Gary and Wilma

See How They are Preparing for an F-5 Tornado.

Robert Earl with his supplies to build a home out of recyclable materials.

Robert Earl

"I'm prepping for the melting of the Greenland ice sheet." Robert Earl is living with his wife in the ultimate bug out location. They decided to leave their retirement-friendly southern Florida to an off-the-grid desert area in the hills of Texas. Robert fears a sudden rise in the sea ...

Bryan May adjusts the windmill on his roof.

Bryan May

"I'm prepping for a New Madrid earthquake." Bryan May is a small business owner who lives with his wife and four-year-old son in Indiana. He is prepping for a New Madrid earthquake, which he fears will leave parts of the U.S. submerged underwater. Bryan believes that in this ...

Practical Preppers assess Brian Murdock and Tatiana.

Brian Murdock

"I'm preparing for World War III." Brian Murdock is a real estate owner living in Somerville, Massachusetts. He is preparing for World War III, which he thinks will begin with a massive nuclear attack on the United States. He has purchased a ten-acre plot of land in upstate New ...

Jay Blevins holds his wife, Holly Blevins, as he calls for backup in a drill.

Jay Blevins

"I'm prepping for civil unrest due to economic collapse." Jay Blevins is a former law enforcement officer and father of three living in the suburbs of Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. He fears that a global economic collapse will lead to violent social unrest, and he believes this ...