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Meet the Season Two Preppers

Steven Vanasse is a scientist, and a full time prepper.

Steven Vanasse

This southern gentleman is preparing for a dirty bomb.

Dr. Tom Perez poses for the camera, his sons, Thomas and Matthew's fresh kill is skinned in the background.

Tom Perez

This native Texan is prepping for chemical terrorist attacks.

John Adrain is an inventor specializing in security preps.

John Adrain

See how this inventor prepper is preparing for a pandemic and civil unrest.

Jeff Bushaw and his son Hayden are bugging out in case the Yellowstone super volcano erupts.

Jeff Bushaw

"I'm preparing for the Yellowstone Supervolcano." Jeff Bushaw is a full-time prepper in Vancouver, Washington, where he lives with his wife and two sons. He is prepping for the eruption of the Yellowstone super-volcano. To prepare, Jeff has purchased land in an undisclosed location where he and his family ...

Allen and Franco

Allen and Franco

"We're prepping for corruption of food supply due to economic collapse." Allen and Franco live with their families in the suburbs of Southwest Missouri. And while they may appear to be your average neighbor, they are both prepping for a breakdown of the world food supply following an economic ...

Bob Kay is a Prepper living in Temecula, CA.

Bob Kay

"I'm preparing for a massive California earthquake."Bob Kay is a nutritional scientist who lives in Southern California with his wife and two daughters. He is prepping for a catastrophic earthquake and has turned his large desert property into a self-sustainable shelter for his family. He has planted over ...

Josh Wander gets interviewed in his place of worship, The Temple.

Josh Wander

He's a political prepper who is urging citizens to prepare for an imminent terrorist attack.

Ryan Croft designed a gun which is a mix between an AK47 and a AR15.

Ryan Croft

This ex-military man is prepping for worldwide financial collapse, and thinks a large network is key to survival.

Margaret Ling preps her mind and body with yoga.

Margaret Ling

Margaret is prepping for a massive hurricane that will destroy New York City.