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Meet the Season Two Preppers

Jay is a New York prepper, is preparing for another terrorist attack on downtown Manhattan.


Jay is preparing for a dirty bomb attack on NYC.

Cameron Moore paddles the Hudson River. He is prepping to escape in a nuclear meltdown.

Cameron Moore

See how this 23-year-old college student is prepping for nuclear fallout.

Ron Hubbards escape hatch is airtight.

Bryan Smith

Bryan is building an underground bunker to ride out social unrest due to economic collapse.

Christine plans to bug out by raft in the event of a major tsunami.


See how this suburban mom is prepping for a mega-tsunami she fears will wipe out the East Coast.

Brent aka 'King Prep'


See how this father of 10 is building a medieval castle to protect his family from an EMP.

Derek Price lives in Bear Grass, North Carolina, where he runs Deadwooda Wild West theme park open to all ages.

Derek Price

See how he has turned his Wild West amusement park into the ultimate prepper paradise.

Kevin O'Brien likes to teach his kids how to prep.

Kevin O'Brien

This family has relocated to prepare for a devastating polar shift.

Lucas Cameron lives in Tennessee and is preparing for the end of days.

Lucas Cameron

This 26-year-old has transformed his 25 acre property into "The Alamo."

Snake Blocker is a trained knife fighter.

Snake Blocker

Snake's Apache heritage influences his preparations for economic collapse.