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Meet the Season Two Preppers

It wasn't long ago Amanda had never heard of prepping or doomsday, until she received what she describes as a psychic message to leave Florida and live somewhere 3,000 feet above sea level. They purchased a home in NC and later discovered it came with two 5,000 gallon water tanks, solar panels, and even a ham radio tower--they call it Paragon Jewel, their

Amanda Bobbins

This self-described psychic became a prepper after hearing warning of a devastating comet.

Jim is prepping for a cyber-terrorist attack on the nation's power grid and the social unrest that will follow.

Jim D.

See how Jim is prepping for a cyber-attack against the power grid.

Ray and Lindsey pick vegetables from their organic garden.

Lindsey and Ray

They’re prepping for a world agricultural system collapse with a super garden.

Frank has a bomb shelter in the deep forests of Maine. He believes in fitness as the most important survival tool, and he spends five days a week with a personal trainer. Frank is preparing for economic collapse.


This active prepper is an amateur pilot with multiple bug-out spots.

Brian Brawdy hosts a regular podcast where he discusses off grid living. He does this from his mobile bug out vehicle.

Brian Brawdy

Mobility is his key to survival and he's created the ultimate escape vehicle.

Doug shows us the inside of his shipping container.


This "Rock Man" runs a quarry and is prepping for economic collapse.

Jeff Flaningham, head on, in one of the long corridors of the Atlas F missile silo.

Jeff Flaningham

He's turned a decommissioned missile silo into a bachelor bunker pad.

In order to bug out, David Lakota and his partner Rachaelle must travel to a beach only accessible by boat.

David Lakota

This new age spiritual prepper believes mother nature will warn him before a tsunami strikes.