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Meet the Season Two Preppers

Craig Compeau and his daughter Emily on their way to their bug-out in the Alaskan wilderness.

Craig Compeau

Craig is ready to bug out via special speedboat to avoid martial law after disaster.

Don Kubley in the Alaska wilderness.

Don Kubley

Craig and Don have built a camouflage dome to ride out a catastrophic Alaskan tsunami.

Kevin Coy stands proudly in front of his recently finished micro-house, a home they will be taking with them in a bug-out.

Kevin Coy

With a camper, bus, 27-foot sailboat, and micro-house, this family is ready to bug out.

Shenandoah, VA - Mike and Freda stand by the water wheel in their yard.


This descendant of the infamous Hatfield clan tames the wilds of the Shenandoah Valley.

Centerville, KS, USA  - Joe Moore uses his horse to help plow his wheat fields.


Self-reliant farm life is a delicate balance between life in the past and present.

Mike and Jessica Adams

Mike and Jessica Adams

This Oregon couple is ready to combat terrorists with the help of their BBQ joint.

Kevin Barber makes a call.

Kevin Barber

This former businessman is leaving it all behind to bug out to Costa Rica.

Brad with his family by their new bunker.


This family of five is getting ready to move into their brand new bunker.