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Budget Prep: Evade & Escape Bike

An All-Terrain Alternative to an ATV

Evade and Escape Bike

The Evade and Escape Bike with mounted night stick and machete.

Photograph by Rick Austin and Survivor Jane, Aleven Goats Media, Inc.

Inspired by prepper Mike Evock's extravagant "ATV Interceptor," but don't have an extra ATV lying around? We're bringing you budget versions of the preps inspired by our very own season three prepper builds.

Consider This:

The key to traveling with a bicycle in a doomsday or bug-out scenario is to stay off crowded roads, thereby avoiding traffic jams, undesirable areas, and minimizing human contact.

Plan your routes ahead of time with several alternatives; focusing on off-road destinations or roads less-traveled. Try to evade any potential aggressors by doubling back with twists and turns or traveling deep into the woods.

Should you have to confront aggressors, the bag in your basket will not only be able to carry emergency supplies, but an arsenal of manual defensive weapons as well.

Unlike Mike Evock's "ATV Interceptor," a bicycle can become an "evasion and escape vehicle" with a few inexpensive modifications.

Get Building:

The Steps:

  1. Find a sturdy off-road mountain bike. Look for an all-terrain type, or use one that you already own. Most of these bikes will be too brightly painted for the purpose of evasion and escape. Once you have found a bike, you will need to pick up a few accessories in order to optimize your bicycle for covert operation.

  2. Equip your bike with Kevlar tires, which are a much sturdier and less apt to be punctured by glass, nails, and other sharp objects that might be prevalent in a post-disaster scenario.

  3. Prepare to camouflage the bicycle. Start by removing all traces of dirt and grease from the frame and rims. Lightly sand existing paint surfaces with fine sand paper so new paint will adhere.

    TIP: Put masking tape on anything that you may want to keep on the bike to make it “street legal” (i.e. reflectors, lights, etc.).

  4. Apply flat green spray paint made specifically for “maximum hiding” such as an ultra-flat, non-reflective paint, which also comes in a variety of camouflage colors.

  5. Once the base coat is dry, you can then use short blasts of different colors of camouflaged paint, so that you can create splotches of color on top of the base green paint. This camouflaged look will blend into your surroundings should you have to go off-road or hide from attackers. Don’t be afraid to paint all surfaces, including the tires of the bike.

  6. Attach a front basket to the bicycle (making sure to paint the basket with the ultra-flat, non-reflective paint as well). A bag inserted into the basket can hold emergency repair parts for your bicycle as well as other evasive items such as a map, compass, walkie-talkie, or camoflauged tarp. Should you have to quickly duck into the brush for concealment or to escape inclement weather, you can cover both you and the bike with a camouflaged tarp.

  7. Once the bicycle is painted and dry, attach mounts to the handle bars to make defense items more easily accessible. Mounts can hold anything from an axe or machete, to a simple modern metal night stick or Kubaton.

  8. Pack emergency repair parts in the event the bicyle needs any tire patches, air, or other repairs.

  9. Evasive items can also go into an emergency bag in the front basket. Should you have to confront aggressors, the bag in your basket can carry an arsenal of manual defensive weapons.

Manual Defenses:

If an attacker comes within reach, pepper spray, powdered cayenne, or even sand can temporarily blind or disorient them.

A simple smoke bomb from any fireworks retailer can thwart an attacker with a firearm by providing the cover of smoke to escape.

If a vehicle or foot-chase ensues, marbles, BB’s, or ball bearings tossed behind you can cause the pursuer to lose their footing and/or cause an ATV or motorcycle to spin out of control.

Caltrops, which are often used by law enforcement to stop a vehicle, can be used as an alternative. When thrown, these little metal pieces will always land with two of their four razor sharp ends pointed up and will slice through tires, disabling your attacker’s vehicle.

Just like with any bug-out vehicle, the sky is the limit on how much; time, money and energy you are willing to invest in it, however there isn’t a less expensive alternative to fast and discrete doomsday ground transportation than a basic mountain bike.

Finished escape and evasion bike with emergency bag, machete, axe, nightstick and crossbow.

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Laura LoPiccolo
Laura LoPiccolo

I really love this idea. I am going to do something like this to my bike and my sons as well. Lots of great ideas that we can do on the cheap.