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Miami Vices Facts

Miami Vices Facts

Miami Vices Facts (View larger version)


  • An estimated 2,000 gang members and a minimum of 250 independent gangs operate in Miami-Dade county.

  • Between 2009 – 2010, the majority of cocaine deaths and addiction treatment reports were among those older than 35 in Miami-Dade county.

  • According to data collected from the El Paso Intelligence Center's National Seizure System, in a span of two years, the number of meth lab seizures increased 148% from 2007 to 2009 in Florida.

  • The rate of cocaine-related ER visits per 100,000 individuals nearly doubled double the national rate per capita.

  • In 2009, Methadone was the most lethal prescription opioid in Florida, suspected to be the cause of death for 75% of all decedents in which traces were detected.

  • A total of 41,285,772 doses of Oxycodone were dispensed by Florida practitioners in the first half of 2010, representing 89.6 percent of the total dose units distributed by practitioners nationwide.

  • According to the NDIC, tablets of ecstasy are bought wholesale (in bulk) in Miami for $4-$5 per tablet or dose, and are sold at retail for $9 for a single pill.

Brandon Tilford
Brandon Tilford

your drug inc specials have been pretty good minus a cpl instances of embellishment for tv. this magic city(miami special) is the biggest bunch of mickey mouse drug dealers i've ever seen. there is never a drought. prices rise due to demand  when the heat is on and prices go down when there's a surplus like every retail market but rarely is there a shortage. you had the guy in red talking about stepped on coke in the 80's when he didn't look old enough to be i the game. i don't watch your show for ppl to tell their brother's, uncles, and father's stories about the game. then you have a cop in the grow house who walks in and identifies a plant as purple haze. very, very few ppl in the world can identify the strain by simply looking at it much less a beat cop. you picked a strain the public might have heard in news or music and associated with what was found, bad journalism. then he said the black wall was used to reflect light on to the plants. black absorbs light while raising the temp in the room which is bad. if it was white or silver that would be the appropriate wall covering for a $100,000+ grow op as your beat pop said. please get it together so respect isnt loss. the weed guy at the end was saynig he could make 3-4 k a month per person which brakes down to 2 oz a week aka 1/2 oz a day and as a 20+yr weed smoker, not to many get down like that, nor will ppl smoking that much pay those prices. 350 oz is max unless its super exotic and very hard to get which only lasts a month or two till someone gets their hands on the seeds and grows their own. dealers couldn't survive paying those prices so his numbers are bull. anything within 200 miles of any US border will prabbly max out at 60 an 1/8 or about 350 oz. interior states may have higher prices but country boys have been growing weed in the mountains for years so indoor grows are notthat hard for them to grasp. get the journalistic integrity togther guys