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Philly Dope Facts

Philly Dope Facts

Philly Dope Facts (View larger version)


  • The dominant drug suppliers to Philadelphia are Mexican gangs, a position formerly held by Columbians.

  • African American and Hispanic street gangs dominate the street level trade.

  • Heroin is easily available and has a high rate of abuse in Philly. The prices are cheap and the potency is high.

  • There has been a sharp rise in property crime which police attribute to the large volume of people abusing pain medication.

  • The city of Philadelphia has the seventh-highest crime rate in the nation among cities of more than 500,000 people.

  • There were 306 murders in 2010 in Philadelphia.

  • Commercial-grade Mexican marijuana is the strain most dominant in the area, locally produced strains and high-potency Canadian marijuana are becoming increasingly more available.

  • Nearly $20 million worth of drugs were seized in the Philadelphia-Camden region in 2010

  • PCP, more commonly known as angel dust, is rising in popularity among young females and males in the Landsdale area of Camden.

  • PCP not only lasts longer than crack cocaine but it is much less expensive as well.

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