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Access 360° World Heritage: The Amazon

 Environmental analyst Fabio Osolins heads out on an anti-poaching patrol on the Rio Negro in Jau National Park. The animals most at risk are the arapaima, the black arowana and the river turtle. The latter are hunted regularly for their eggs.
There's a special place in the heart of the Amazon rainforest with ecosystems so unique and biodiversity so rich the UN have declared it a World Heritage Site. But the threats of climate change are looming. If nobody takes action this pristine wilderness could wither in decades and the effects would be devastating, not only here but across the planet. Now a team of four courageous people have devoted their lives to the protection of this corner of rainforest. Braving an unforgiving jungle and extreme weather, they give us 360 access into the challenges, the setbacks and the successes of their everyday work.