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Wicked Tuna: Hooked Up: First Frenzy

Photo: Pirate, First Mate of the Odysea

The Wicked Tuna fleet is back as this season begins with the adrenaline rush of "monstah" hunting in Gloucester. It's midseason in Massachusetts, but this is when the money is made and tempers run hot. Each captain loads his boat with $3,000 worth of fuel, bait and ice, and heads off for open water where the blue gold is waiting. But it doesn't take long for things to sour when there's cash on the line. Bill and the Bounty Hunter are already struggling to stay out of the red, and their luck only gets worse when a "dragger" severs their anchor line while at sea. Sensing weakness in his limping competitor, Dave of flaunts his catch and fills Bill's ear with fictitious advice that sends the Bounty Hunter farther from the fish and deeper into the red.