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Goldfathers: Get Rich or Die Mining

Goldfathers: Get Rich or Die Mining
Three small mining companies are taking on Alaska's gold mining season, and trouble has already reared its head. Family man and mom-and-pop mining genius DOUG BAKER's fuel credit line hasn't kept pace with the rising cost of fuel, and he hasn't mined enough gold yet to cash in for gas. When he finally convinces the company to give him a break, the delivery is delayed and right-hand-man Bernie discovers a fuel tanker on its side on a treacherous Alaskan road. In Fairbanks, JOHN REEVES' treasure maps point him and his kids towards a gold rich hotspot, but they must first build the equipment necessary to "wash rocks." CREIGHTON LAPP and CHUCK TILLIAN finally start their season at Harrison Creek -- only to find that permit problems will shut them right back down. And with claim owner Clark Durant eager for them to begin mining, there's no telling how he'll react to news of the delays.