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Bigfoot: The New Evidence: Yeti

Mark Evans with a Brown bear footprint cast. A trained grizzly bear was used to prove the double step hypothesis, that a bear made what looked like one big footprint because its back paw elongated the print let by its front paw as it walks.
Mark Evans travels to the spectacular Himalayas in search of the Yeti and discovers that the creature is deeply embedded in local legend. Meanwhile, Professor Bryan Sykes has some extraordinary samples to test; hairs from a Nazi yeti killed in Tibet in the 1930's; samples from a ‘Tengmo' (the Yeti of Ladakh in Northern India) shot in the early 1970's; and a mystery hair collected in Bhutan in 2001. When Proessor Bryan Sykes reveals the results, they are surprising, and could potentially identify the biological identity behind the Yeti legend.