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China's Secret Mummies Credits

Explorer: China's Secret Mummies Producers DAVID SHADRACK SMITH GREGORY HENRY Director DAVID SHADRACK SMITH Writers MAX SALOMON DAVID SHADRACK SMITH Editor JEREMY SIEFER Cinematography PETER SCHNALL DAVID SHADRACK SMITH WANG HU Field Producer KINGBIRD Associate Producer LINDSAY WILE Additional Cinematography VICTOR GONCHAR GAO SONG Sound Recordists PAUL ALFE STEVE BORES SEAN SIMMONS Original Music DEWEY DELLAY Graphics & Main Title Design NGT Art & Animation Visual Effects Artists ERIC DIGA NICK JERNIGAN JASON LETA DAN SPEELMAN Production Managers HILARY BURKE WHITNEY JOHNSON Production Coordinator DAMION PERKINS Research JILL LEGER Director of Research TODD HERMANN Specialist, Programming MELISSA MARCUS Manager, Production Rights and Clearances MARLENE WALKER-GOLDEN Post Production Supervisor DEBBIE NATHANSON Post Production Coordinator ADAM SIGGERS Assistant Editors CRAIG RINKERMAN ANDREW CHU ADAM PARR AMY MCCARTER ANTHONY LINTON CARL REEVERTS Specialist, Facilities & Scheduling MARCIE CALLAHAN Manager, Facilities & Scheduling JULIA WHITCOMB Manager, Art and Animation JESSE GORDON Chief Engineer DWIGHT MAYHEW For National Geographic Television Director, Art and Animation KEITH KOLDER Director, Production Rights and Clearances CATHERINE YELLOZ Director, Production Systems BEVERLEY MARECHEAU MITCHELL Director, Operations TRACI C. DRUMMOND Vice President, Operations MICHAEL CASTRO Series Producer MAX SALOMON Senior Producer ROBERT ZAKIN Executive Producer JONATHAN HALPERIN Senior Vice President, Standards and Practices SCOTT WYERMAN Senior Vice President, Development MARYANNE CULPEPPER Senior Vice President, Series KATHY DAVIDOV President, NGT MICHAEL ROSENFELD Special Thanks CCTV DREAMAKER PRODUCTIONS PREDWORLD ENTERTAINMENT SASHA PREDOVSKY Stock Footage AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY SPECIAL COLLECTIONS ART RESOURCE BBC MOTION BRIDGEMAN CCTV/NHK INTERNATIONAL CORBIS DOLKUN KAMBERI GETTY IMAGES IRENE GOOD For National Geographic Channel Executive Producer KATHLEEN CROMLEY Senior Vice President, Production & Development JULIET BLAKE Production Manager KAREN GREENFIELD Unit Manager KARIN HAMMERBERG Production Assistant AYAANA ANTOINE Executive in Charge of Production STEPHEN BURNS Produced by Part2 Pictures in association with National Geographic Television for National Geographic Channel (c) 2007 NGHT, INC. All Rights Reserved.