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Heroin Crisis Credits

Explorer: Heroin Crisis Producer/Director ERIC STRAUSS Writers ERIC STRAUSS PATRICK PRENTICE Editor PENNY TRAMS Cinematography ERIC STRAUSS Associate Producer ALANA BERRY Additional Cinematography ERICH ROLAND GARY GRIEG RYAN LOBO Sound Recordists BRYAN APOLINAR ANDREW BAKER RYAN LOBO Location Managers ALEEM AGHA GREG SCOTT VEGARD BOTTERLI Gaffer TOMO SASAKI Grips JASON HUBERT STEVE SIETZ Production Assistant ISAAC HOLUB Original Music LENNY WILLIAMS Narrator RODD HOUSTON Graphics NGT ART & ANIMATION RENEGADE9 Visual Effects Artists ERIC DIGA NICK JERNIGAN JASON LETA DAN SPEELMAN Still Photography Effects ANDREW CHU Production Manager HILARY BURKE Production Coordinator DAMION PERKINS Research AARON EVEN Director of Research TODD HERMANN Specialist, Programming MELISSA MARCUS Manager, Production Rights and Clearances MARLENE WALKER-GOLDEN Post Production Supervisor DEBBIE NATHANSON Post Production Coordinator ADAM SIGGERS Assistant Editors ANDREW CHU AMY MCCARTER ADAM PARR ANTHONY LINTON CARL REVEERTS Specialist, Facilities & Scheduling MARCIE CALLAHAN Manager, Facilities & Scheduling JULIA WHITCOMB Manager, Art and Animation JESSE GORDON Chief Engineer DWIGHT MAYHEW For National Geographic Television Director, Art and Animation KEITH KOLDER Director, Production Rights and Clearances CATHERINE YELLOZ Director, Production Systems BEVERLEY MARECHEAU MITCHELL Director, Operations TRACI C. DRUMMOND Vice President, Operations MICHAEL CASTRO Series Producer MAX SALOMON Senior Producer ROBERT ZAKIN Executive Producer JONATHAN HALPERIN Director, Explorer Development MALVINA MARTIN Senior Vice President, Standards and Practices SCOTT WYERMAN Senior Vice President, Development MARYANNE CULPEPPER Senior Vice President, Series KATHY DAVIDOV President, NGT MICHAEL ROSENFELD Special Thanks ST LOUIS COUNTY POLICE DEPARTMENT CAPTAIN TOM JACKSON DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION NICOLAS DONNALY MATTHEW NEUMANN ARMORGROUP SERVICES, LTD. KRISTEN HICKMAN MIRA CHANG Stock Footage DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION ITN ABC NEWS FOOTAGE SOURCE GETTY IMAGES JOURNEYMAN PICTURES BBC MOTION GALLERY CONUS ISTOCKPHOTO MERETTE GILLEBO CHRIS HELLIER/CORBIS SCOT FREI/CORBIS MARK BOLTON/CORBIS HULTON-DEUTSH COLLECTION/CORBIS ALINARI ARCHIVES/CORBIS UNDERWOOD & UNDERWOOD/CORBIS BAIN NEWS SERVICE/CORBIS For National Geographic Channel Executive Producer KATHLEEN CROMLEY Senior Vice President, Production & Development JULIET BLAKE Production Manager KAREN GREENFIELD Unit Manager KARIN HAMMERBERG Production Assistant AYAANA ANTOINE Executive in Charge of Production JOHN B. FORD Produced by National Geographic Television for National Geographic Channel (c) 2007 NGHT, INC. All Rights Reserved