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Videos for Bleeding Out

Jill Adams
Jill Adams

Have not been able to watch this since the first time I saw it. I wanted to see the all of the Soldiers who had a hand in Saving My Son's Life. Derek Tope I heard acted as a medic even though he rejoined the service after leaving saying he could not handle being a medic anymore. He put that behind him for My Son T.J. (Specialist Adams). God knows that people from all over the world were praying for My brave Soldier. Many risked their lives that day, in chance that T.J. could be saved. This is less graphic then what I saw from a morning call at 5AM from a friend who heard Wolfhound hit-Specialist Adams. She said quick turn on CNN. By then T.J. was in a pool of blood and they showed Carthage in the Area. Not knowing my husband had got a call on his cell much sooner, I went into shock, saw I left my Facebook Open, and begged for prayers. This is not all of it as other soldiers risked their lives while waving down a helicopter, others got the Gurney ready, while Derek Tope was at work. Derek hept putting cotton in and taking it out soaked in blood until someone could see the 2 pieces of Artery. Someone, not sure who, pinched those Arteries as they loaded him on the Gurney and he was air-lifted off to where a Doctor came from One Surgery and went immediately to work on T.J. He had second to 3 minutes of his life to get blood into him as he bled out. When I finally did get a call from the Surgeon, he said "You are the Luckiest Mom in the World". Out of 20 years of surgery, he only knew one or two others to survive a Severed Carotid Artery during combat. First of all, I wanted to thank Derek Tope and did so on T.J.'s Facebook. I found out later why he may have not seen that post, and will save that as it is personal. Yet if you see this Derek, I don't know you personally but I love you. Thank You is all I have, but doesn't seem to cut it. The same who had a part in Saving my son, especially because he still has so much to offer. Also to all who prayed, God Bless You. Your Prayers were heard and answered. I love you all. Thanks be to God, as we say so often in Church! Amen!