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Eyewitness War

We Are All OK

Sgt. Grizzle reaches the wounded man and must defend the post while the medics get to work.


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Eyewitness War: We Are All OK


Sgt. Grizzle reaches the wounded man and must defend the post while the medics get to work.


Jill Adams
Jill Adams

The time has changed for T.J. on National Geographic-Episode Bleeding Out Airing: MON JUL 8 10PM ET An army base wedged in the mountains of Afghanistan is under attack. When a massive explosive hits the outpost, flying shrapnelsevers Rifleman Tim Adams' artery. Lt. Grizzle charges into the fire toward his friend, while another soldier pinches the artery to save Adams' life. Then, on his first deployment in violence-ridden Karbala, Iraq, Sgt. Alex Reyes is thrown into his first firefight, encounters a suicide bomber, and provides backup on a dangerous raid.

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  • Jill Marie AdamsGod Answers prayers, and still performs miracles. I reposted for those who asked and have not seen it. As hard as this was for me to watch, I feel so much gratitude to those who Risked their lives to save my beautiful son, inside and out. That and the prayers for T.J. are immeasurable in the gratefulness that I feel in my heart, and through their gut feeling, God heard our prayers and guided these amazing soldiers to unite in saving T.J. The doctor said we were the luckiest parents in the world as he was within seconds to 3 minutes of bleeding out. There were several surgeons involved and the head surgeon said he has performed thousands of surgeries during combat, and only knew two others that survived this serious of an injury. I wish I could thank everyone involved, With Love from my heart and soul. That is not possible at least for now. I just pray those who do know them share my immeasurable gratitude. I thank God every Day!a few seconds ago · Edited · Like

Sharon Tope-Grassi
Sharon Tope-Grassi

Please support my son, Derek Tope, at  

As Grizzle says in the video, Derek was a former medic.  He honorably discharged after 4 years as a medic because of the trauma he endured doing exactly what you see in the video and more.  He re-enlisted as infantry-medic qualified.

Derek was grateful that he was there to save Adams, but this deployment took it's toll on him.  Post deployment, he presented behaviors relating to PTSD & TBI, along with issues with kidney stones from previous deployments.  He was not evaluated or treated; instead he was prosecuted.  He is currently sitting in the Miramar Naval brig, after commanders in his platoon opted to prosecute rather than evaluate and treat.