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Harvest Moon Facts

According to Jim, this is why bloodworms are the best bait,

According to Jim, this is why bloodworms are the best bait, "And another thing too is they're full of blood. What do you need to chum in the fish? You need bait, you need blood, you need the smell in the water." (View larger version)

Photograph by National Geographic Channels/ Paul Morin

  • Bloodworms can grow to be 15 inches in length.

  • Jim and Andy typically earn between 27 and 50 cents per bloodworm.

  • Research on Maine’s bloodworms has been limited, though a 2006 report found there’s debate about whether the population is declining.

  • Kentucky law limits the ginseng season from September 1st to December 1st to protect the plant from overharvesting.

  • Today, ginseng is a common ingredient in energy drinks.

  • Port McNeill, British Columbia claim to be the home of both the largest and second largest burls in the world. The largest burl weighing 30 tons and the second largest burl weighing 22 tons.

  • Don’t eat raw eels! Even a small amount of raw eel blood is toxic enough to kill a person.

  • The American Eel has been studied for centuries, yet scientists still don’t fully understand their spawning in the Sargasso Sea.