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Going Deep With David Rees

The Tube

Learn how to make a new kind of paper plane.


Going Deep With David Rees: The Tube


Learn how to make a new kind of paper plane.


M Jessup
M Jessup

I've been playing with this for the last hour, its lots of fun. Two observations for better flight (straighter / longer) based on experimenting with the method shown in the video:

1. Having the thin end (the one with a single fold) be a larger diameter, i.e. make the tube slightly flared.

2. Having a higher ratio of diameter to length i.e. a wide short tube flys better than a narrow thin one.

My best attempt thus far is the same as the video *except* initially fold the paper in half, then fold the bottom back up to the top. After this 1/4 of the page will be a single piece of paper and the other 3/4 will be on top of one another (three layers stacked). From here proceed with the two folds downward in the video and then wrap to make the cylinder. as seen in the video.

I have gotten this to fly a good 35 feet (impede by some inconveniently placed walls), I think it will go at least 50 in the open. The version from the video struggled to make 30 feet.