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Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson

Anything related to guns is a sensitive subject for many.  Including me.  Your program seems to attempt to show your audience images of circumstances or events that are shocking, otherwise unknown or unseen, and something generally your audience is not in favor of.

You attempted to make the point that it is surprising, and something bad, for individuals to have the right to privately buy and sell guns without regulation.

I support individuals free right to buy and sell legal arms.  Your premise, in my view, is faked naivete.  You are well traveled, experienced journalists ?  Surprised by the gun trade in the U.S. ?  Unlikely.

The premise is this.  It's called freedom, and your right to defend it.  Well some criminal can just lie a little and get a gun easily to commit a crime.  Gee Whiz, the U.S. should have laws to prevent criminals from getting guns.

I completely disagree, and that view is completely ignorant of reality.

Where in the world do criminals lack for guns ?  Well, some country's make it difficult for the criminals, so that reduces crime.  BONG, wrong. the data supports gun rights as a crime deterrent.   and ps,,,, I don't care what the rest of the world does.  I can only vote for and shape what my country does.

Next, you are amazed at the powerful weapons easily available.  So now, we are watching you blend your pretend ignorance of gun laws in the U.S., with your ignorance of firearms.  It doesn't matter if it's a .22 Short, or a .50 BMG, either one can kill you.

Your whole angle on faking the straw purchase process was complete bunk.  All you did was create interesting TV with your hidden camera.  You acknowledged at least that the gun dealers followed the rules.

You took the time to show fun gun shooting, and how dealers follow the rules.  The you showed brief comments from a dealer, and police officer who felt the system was flawed.

Complete bunk.  1) The dealer was trying to cross-sell you on buying a gun from a dealer instead of at a gunshow,,, say anything to sell   2) you made no attempt to allow people that feel like me to express the opposite political view.  Granted, you did show responsible fun gun shooting.  However, too much time and effort was spent on the politics of more gun control.  Making your show slanted, and garbage.

Next, you link the personal freedom we have in the U.S. to making it easier for guns to pass into Mexico, where they have very restrictive gun laws.  Oh, the bad Americans are making it easy for guns to fall into the hands of the evil bad outlaws in Mexico.

Where do you want to start on this complete piece of junk theory.

1)  So, every nation on earth has to have the same constrictive gun laws for it's citizens, and then criminals won't be able to get guns.

That becomes your premise.  I don't live in the United Nations.  I live in the United States.  Your premise is wrong and flawed.

2) Mexico has restrictive gun laws, and you just proved they don't work.

3) Mexico has done such a great job of running their country, that their principle export is their citizens.  I know many fine, good, upstanding folks that have immigrated, one way or another, from Mexico.  Your whole gee whiz, gosh, oh this is amazing take on the matter invalidates your resume, and your intellect.

4) Border Security is trying to do more to help xyz situation and Here is some video of a Mexican Army Officer, and location of seized weapons.

People, really  ?  Do you just walk out of your bedroom everyday, and rediscover how to breathe ?

Border Patrol, on either side, is overwhelmed, understaffed, and only stop of a fraction of anything.  Corruption in anything in Mexico is well known, and an accepted part of their culture.

You really had a chance to make a good piece of TV.  You turned the whole thing into a bad youtube video.

Better get back to your exciting career of international journalism, and see what story you slant next.