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Anthony Haynes was a teenager in 1998 when he shot off-duty officer Sergeant Kent Kincaid of the Houston Police Department after mistaking the officer's reach for his badge as him reaching for a gun.  Kincaid and his wife were on their way to dinner with friends when something from Anthony's car hit their windshield.  Kincaid followed Anthony's truck to confront him, and things went south from there.

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The day has arrived for two young men on death row in Texas, Richard Cobb and Anthony Haynes, to be put to death. Cobb murdered a 24-year-old man in a botched kidnapping, and one of his surviving victims, Nikki Ansley Daniels, reflects on her kidnapping and battles with her conflicting desires to forgive Cobb. Haynes is on death row for killing an off-duty officer, and his mother fights to save his life and halt her son's execution during his last 72 hours.