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About Noorvik

Noorvik, Alaska

Noorvik, Alaska (View larger version)


Population: 686

Location: The city of Noorvik is located close to the center of Alaska and a part of Northwest Arctic County. It has 0.94 square miles of land area and 0.42 square miles of water area. It is positioned on the right bank of the Nazuruk Channel of the Kobuk River, 42 air miles southwest of Kotzebue, which is the closest large city.

Amenities: Tourism is not a large component of the community, which still depends on subsistence hunting, fishing and gathering are fundamental elements of the economy.Locals may work for the school district, the City of Noorvik, the Red Dog Mine, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and a few residents commercially fish in the Kotzebue Sound and Kobuk River.

How to Get There: Noorvik can be reached by barge, plane, small boat and snow machine. There are no roads linking Noorvik to other communities. The Robert (Bob) Curtis Memorial Airport is one mile north of Noorvik’s central business district and has a single gravel-surface runway that is 4,000 usable feet long and 150 feet wide, with runway lights and navigational aids.

Weather: Noorvik, AK climate is cool during summer when temperatures tend to be in the 50's and extremely cold during winter when temperatures tend to be in the 0's. July has an average maximum temperature of 60.00 degrees Fahrenheit and is the warmest month of the year. February is the coldest month with an average minimum temperature of -9.90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Features: Noorvik translates to “a place that is moved to” in Iñupiaq and was settled in the early 1900s. The Noorvik post office was established in 1937 and the city government was incorporated in 1964. According the NANA Regional Corporation, ninety-five percent of Noorvik residents are Iñupiaq, with ancestral ties to the land.

Valerie Rushing
Valerie Rushing

I admire Sue the tough old hermit. Love her attitude.

Frank Gembicki
Frank Gembicki

I have noticed that Agnes hunts with an old military rifle without a scope. I really don't hunt no more and would be willing to send her a 30-06 Savage mdl 110-E with a 3x9 scope in excellent condition (FREE). Just contact me at and tell me where to send it.

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Larry Gilbert

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