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The Locations of Life Below Zero

Kavik, Alaska

About Kavik

Population: 1 Location: 69°40'35"N   146°54'4"W  It is about 20 miles from the Arctic Ocean on Alaska's North Slope. The closest big city is Fairbanks, which is 500 miles to the south. The closest road is 80 miles to the west. Amenities: The hub ...

Eagle, Alaska

About Eagle

Population: 87 Location: Eagle is located on the southern bank of the Yukon River, 6miles west of the border between Alaska and the Yukon Territory of Canada. The city has 1 square mile of land area. Amenities: The nearest Alaskan city is 75 miles away by road. The town has ...

Noorvik, Alaska

About Noorvik

Population: 686 Location: The city of Noorvik is located close to the center of Alaska and a part of Northwest Arctic County. It has 0.94 square miles of land area and 0.42 square miles of water area. It is positioned on the right bank of the Nazuruk Channel ...

Wiseman, Alaska

About Wiseman

Population: 14 Location: Wiseman is located close to the center of Alaska at the junction of Wiseman Creek in the Brooks Range.Wiseman is about 260 miles north of Fairbanks, which is the nearest major city, and 13 miles north of Coldfoot, which is the nearest service area with food ...