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Dossier: Erik Aude

"From Hollywood to Hell" Case File

Photo: Hollywood stuntman and actor Erik Aude

Photo: Hollywood stuntman and actor Erik Aude (View larger version)

Photo by RAW TV



Law Broken: (Unknowing) Drug Trafficking - Opium

Character Assessment: Trusting, Ambitious, Naive, Outspoken, Daring, Prideful

Tactic Chosen: Luggage lining

Red Flag Moment: Just after arriving in Pakistan, Erik finds out that his contact is leaving town for a few days. Erik realizes that all the promises made to him - from meeting exotic women to touring the country - are not going to happen. He's dropped off at a sub-par hotel and told that it's not safe to leave his room. But little does he know that he's about to be set-up.

"From Hollywood to Hell" premieres Wednesday, April 25, at 10P et/pt

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Fehmi Hamiti
Fehmi Hamiti

sorry for what you have been through

BUT this is just better than any movie I have seen in my life

Kaleolani Spalding
Kaleolani Spalding

I was locked up for 2 1/2 years for something I didn't do. They tried to send me away for more then 15 years. I plead guilty so I could take a deal because I was scared. I don't regret it. Its a decision I made to get me to the life I have now. A beautiful family. And ever since then, I appreciate literally everything. My pride didn't get the best of me that day, but I do wonder where I would have been if I would have fought it all the way. I must admit, your strength and stubbornness did get you justice. That's what I needed that back then. Your story reminds me of where I been, and a promise to my daughter, I will never go again! Just don't push me. Aloha bruh!

Natalie Sanchez
Natalie Sanchez

wow im so sorry you had to go throuh this  we all have a story

Richard Braden
Richard Braden

good episode - very entertaining, like a hollywood movie