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Have You Ever Been Locked Up Abroad?

Submit Your Story for a Chance to Be Featured on an Episode of Locked Up Abroad


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Have you ever ended up in a foreign prison? Have you ever been kidnapped or taken hostage while traveling overseas? Would you like the chance to tell your story?

If yes, then we would like to hear from you! National Geographic Channel's critically acclaimed Locked Up Abroad is coming back for another season and we are looking for stories.

If you would like to take part, please submit a brief outline of your story to If selected for the series, we will pay you expenses and associated fees.

Please bear in mind we'll need independent proof the events took place.

Jerry Coville
Jerry Coville

I was arrested in Cebu PH. for being drunk, when I was taken to the jail, marijuana was planted. I was told it would all go away for php200,000. I was illegally detained, became very ill due to extremely poor conditions, poor diet, Etc.. I had sores all over my body from the infestation of bugs, in short I almost died. I was held for 8 months, I was released last December on surety bond and as of now I am still waiting trial, my first scheduled hearing is September 11. I don't have an attorney because I cannot work here so I anticipate the possibilities of going back inside. If I go back inside, I don't think I will get out alive, during the 8 months I was inside, the average deaths was 1-2 a month and it seams like it is no big deal. I am also a single father here and right now I am fighting to get my child back from DSWD, that's another story, foreigners are targets here in every way imaginable. 

Althea Bell
Althea Bell

Yes, I was locked up aboard, In Kingston Jamica, In January 21, 2001 through May 2002, which these condition  were the worst ever, from the bathing in cold water, to the food, and seeing the correction officer treat americans like there were worthless

Abdullah Khatib
Abdullah Khatib

My best friend is currently locked up abroad for peacefully demanding democracy be upheld.  As an American citizen, I am saddened to see when our nation turns its back on one of our own who merely wants to spread the blessings and freedoms we are afforded here to other countries around the world.

My friend, Mohamed Soltan, is a model American citizen who was a actively involved with his community as well as other projects, such as helping the Obama campaign in 2008.  In the summer 2012 he moved to Egypt to work after the protests that toppled then president/dictator Hosni Mubarak.  In 2013 when the military initiated a coup that removed the democratically elected President Mohammed Morsi, the first democratically elected president in Egypt's history, Soltan stood with those who opposed the coup. He peacefully participated in protests around Cairo to demand the military uphold the constitution and democracy.

For his efforts, he was shot in the arm and placed in an underground jail cell for the past 160+ days, having faced no charges what so ever.  Now on his 25th day of a hunger strike, Soltan remains under illegal custody with the Egyptian authorities. The US Embassy has yet to do anything for one of their citizens locked up abroad, but I believe that if we get more coverage of his plight, we will be able to get him home.

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Thank you very much.

Kenneth Wagner
Kenneth Wagner

I was locked up in a german prison on 15 to life for alleged drug smuggling,