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Vietnam POWs: McCain & Brace

Lt. Commander John S. McCain III, a POW for over five years, waves to well wishers March 18, 1973 after arriving at Jacksonville Naval Air Station in Florida.  At left is his wife, and son Doug, who is on crutches after breaking his leg in a soccer game. McCain is the son of Adm. John S. McCain Jr, who commanded the U.S. Forces in the Pacific until his retirement.

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As the longest POW in Vietnam history, Ernie Brace likely endured more than any other POW during the war. Held for almost eight years, he faced capture, starvation, sickness, torture, solitude and desperation. After three-and-a-half years, Brace was transported from the jungle to the infamous prison in Vietnam dubbed the Β“Hanoi Hilton,Β” and finally heard the voice of another American: Lt. Cmdr. John McCain, a Navy pilot shot down over Hanoi.