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Secret History of the Bra

History of the Bra

The bra's shape, size, and sexiness has evolved.


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Secret History of the Bra: History of the Bra


The bra's shape, size, and sexiness has evolved.


Chewbacka Grizelda
Chewbacka Grizelda

I am literally trying not to -die- of laughter that has brought me to tears...  They seriously measure bra cups -by the ounces-?!?!  OMW!  Haha!  That's like trillions of miles of wasted fabric, wire, and plastic, all because some woman back in the early 1900s was too chicken to measure the breasts of various women to get a better idea of what real breasts are shaped like.  I'm starting to think bra-burning isn't such a bad idea anyway, but seriously, if we women are going to wear cloth over our breasts, it needs to actually -fit us the way we are already-.  We should -not- be forced to try to conform to "ounce sizing," lol!!!  Seriously.  Tears, women, tears.  Laughter.  Oh, the humanity!!!