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Miracle Landing on the Hudson

Miracle Landing on the Hudson (View larger version)


While the takeoff and eventual ditching of the plane into the Hudson River happened so quickly - it was a story that gripped the world. The rescue and survival of everyone on board had everyone believing in miracles.  Tell us where you were when you heard the news of US Airways Flight 1549.

Maureen Mensah-Gadogbe
Maureen Mensah-Gadogbe

I was in the kitchen preparing my daughter's birthday cake for the party the next day.  I rushed to the lviing room since I had the TV on and was listening to the CNN International news.

Ashley Kalena
Ashley Kalena moderator

I was sitting at my desk at work, when I saw a friend calling on my office phone.  I picked up and the asked if I had been watching the news.  I said, "no, what's going on?" He then told me to turn on the TV because a plane had crashed into the Hudson River and no one knew what was going on.  At the time, I was living in DC, but I am originally from the NY area, so was my friend, so we had a particular interest in what was happening.  Both of us watched live, as the plane floated down the cold Hudson River and people were being rescued by ferry boats.  I couldn't believe something so incredible was playing out live.  It was just so amazing that a plane crashed, in a river...and that everyone seemed to have survived!  It was just such a truly spectacular news story to watch play out that I will always remember where I was when it happened.